Labuan IBFC webinar: Regulatory Recognition: A sign of a Maturing Digital Landscape?

Labuan IBFC webinar: Regulatory Recognition: A sign of a Maturing Digital Landscape? 

CEO of GSX Asia Andrew Pal took part in the Labuan IBFC webinar recently:Regulatory Recognition: A sign of a Maturing Digital Landscape? along with Chua Wei Min, Director of ZICO Trust Labuan, Jonathan Lim, Partner at Zaid Ibrahim & Co, Mohammad Ridzuan Abdul Aziz, President of the Fintech Association of Malaysia, and hosted by Serene Liaw, Manager, and Research at Labuan IBFC. 

The webinar began with an overview of the regulatory frameworks on digital assets for Malaysia and Labuan, with a focus on how multiple jurisdictions can evolve as the digitisation and the convergence of traditional and digital finance is emerging globally. The webinar continued with several presentations and a panel discussion, where they talked about the progress and possibilities within the region, as it moves towards a maturing digital ecosystem. 

Andrew Pal, CEO of GSX Asia, briefly talked about the recent conditional license approval by the Labuan IBFC of GSX Asia in Labuan.

When asked why the GSX Group, a digital securities exchange ecosystem that is based mainly in Europe decided to launch GSX Asia, Andrew Pal stated: 

“The GSX Group identified a key opportunity to be in Asia, embracing financial inclusion, there are 600 million people here in ASEAN; (after all) so it especially makes sense to provide a venue for investing in regulated investments.” 

When explaining why in Labuan specifically, he said, “in Asia, there are multiple jurisdictions, all very dynamic, but we performed a jurisdictional analysis and Labuan turned out to be a forward-thinking, innovating, responsive and accessible jurisdiction.”

GSX Asia is a new conditionally licensed digital securities exchange, aiming to facilitate primary listing and secondary market trading for equities, bonds, and investment funds using best-in-class technology, the GSX Group Native STACS Network. 

You can watch the full webinar here:

You can also view the presentations below.

Speakers presentation deck: Digital Assets-Regulatory Recognition in Malaysia and Labuan.

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